Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IKEA’s Sweeeeedish Meatballs!

We don’t need to tell you what IKEA is.

Neither do we need to tell you just how engaging their second to none showrooms are.
We won’t even go on about their affordable prices nor do we feel the need to criticize some of their products to be slightly lacking in quality.

Instead, we want to tell you about their irresistibly good Swedish Meatballs!!
If you’ve been to the IKEA at the Ikano Power Centre, then you must have come across the IKEA restaurant in the heart of the store.

The IKEA restaurant serves all sorts of Swedish inspired dishes from meatballs to poached salmon. There are also some “safer” items on the menu to accommodate for those who don’t feel like going too “Swedish”. However, we are compelled to again tell you how much we love those Swedish meatballs!

They are available in either a 5 or 10 piece platter, and are priced at RM5 and RM10 respectively (After a complex mathematical calculation process, we’ve discovered they cost RM1 per ball!)

Of course their not served plain as their accompanied by a really good brown sauce (not sure of it’s Swedish or not), a berry-like sauce (which seems weird but is actually good), and a serving of French fries (definitely not Swedish) to complete the meal!

Another superb yet undeniably simple item in their menu is the Ham and Cheese Sandwich. As the name suggests, it is in fact a Ham and Cheese Sandwich. For some reason it just tastes really good.

Fortunately, the items on their menu haven’t been named the same way their furniture is named. Would be weird if their meatballs were called “Kottboll” (which is in fact a direct translation of meat-ball in Swedish).

And on that note, we bid you adjo! (Goodbye in Swedish)

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