Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KLue Urbanscapes Report

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably won’t know what KLue is.

But if you’re a true urbanite then you probably know what KLue is all about…You may or may not have visited their website and noticed how awesome their content is… there’s also a good chance you’d have heard or attended KLue’s massive Urbanscapes event held last year, an event that promotes urban creativity and individuality…You also probably would’ve been at KLPAC more recently (27 - 28/6/2009 to be exact) for this year’s edition of Urbanscapes. And what an event it was…

We’ve been to our fair share of events, bazaars, music fests, arts exhibitions, carnivals etc. in recent years that let’s just say, “didn’t live up to the hype” or rather didn’t have any hype at all.

But the Urbanscapes 2009 incorporated ALL of the above, and as with the preceding year, made it a major success.

This year’s Urbanscapes was made up of 9 major “areas”:

1) The X Lawn – A showcase of acts that included Pop Shuvit, Yuna, Telebury, Pesawat, Gerhana Ska Cinta and many others voted by Xfresh listeners.

2) The Box – An intimate acoustic performance setup with open mic sessions and other up and comin artistes.

3) The Cinescapes Stage – Stage plays, film screenings and musical performances in an indoor stage.

4) The Sunset Disco – The Sunset disco features performers from the wknd showcase incorporating Malaysian independent musicians. Twilight Action Girl among one of the few performers.

5) Exhibitions – Titled Urbanscraps, the exhibition featured works from various Malaysian art gurus.

6) Indicine – True to the pun in its name, Indicine (Independent Cinema we think) featured screening of short films from various filmmakers.

7) Street Performances – An outdoor setting featuring a host of theatre and music groups

8) TiC Zone – Tongue in Chic Zone. The name says it all. Unique clothes, accessories and much more from vendors selected by Tongue in Chic.

9) X Marketplace – Loads of vendors selling all sorts of stuff in themed sections.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time and only managed to get sneak peeks of the different highlights of the day. We did however, spend most of our time at the X Marketplace and the Tongue in Chic area.

Our own personal highlights of the day?

- The crowd
- The music
- The creative displays by the vendors at the marketplace
- The very well laid out exhibition areas
- A superb Lamb Hot Dog
- The many friends we met there

Our review is in no way comprehensive enough, because calling the event a total success would probably be a slight understatement. Even Mother Nature decided to call off the rain when dark clouds started looming (However the heat earlier in the day was relentless). The jam going into the event area itself was an indication of how “happening” it actually was, and just being there actually made us feel “happening”!

So a big thumbs up and congratulations to KLue for pulling off Urbanscapes yet again this year!

They set the bar last year, and raised it a whole lot this time round.

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