Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK, if you’re a conservative, shy person…Don’t read this post.
Then again, maybe you should.

If you know what a Bikini Wax is, GREAT!
If you don’t, well NO it’s not something you use to make your Bikini/swimsuit shine and glimmer under the sun…It’s actually a process that involves removing hair from a certain part of your body. (Not your hands or arms or neck or chest or back or legs or armpits or face or head)

Here are the 3 common variants of Bikini Waxing that you can and perhaps should experience sometime:

American waxing – Otherwise known as a basic Bikini wax, it removes the hair on the thighs and below the naval. (doesn’t sound so bad does it?)

French waxing – A little bit more extreme, you basically get the “treatment” in the pubic area, leaving a small “strip” of hair. Also as an option, is the removal of hair in the “lower areas” hence its alternative names, the Playboy Wax or G-Wax. (Get it?)

Brazilian waxing – Is the whole nine yards and removes everything from front to back, from the pubic area to the “lower” areas, up until the buttocks. Very, very much needed in case you’re a thong bikini lover. (Still don’t get it?)

Among other names (you can use your imagination to figure out what they mean).
• The Bikini Line
• The Full Bikini
• The European
• The Triangle
• The Moustache
• The Heart
• The Landing Strip
• The Sphynx

So in case you’re interested, we found a spot to tend to all your waxing needs at The Curve! And here it is:

There probably are one or two other places to get “it” done. Unfortunately we haven’t come across them yet!

So get brave, get sexy, get beached and get waxed! Easier said than done of course.

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