Friday, June 19, 2009

Cupcake Chic

Cupcakes recently seem to have made a return. No longer just a small cake, it now seems to be an actual trend!

Cupcake Chic made its debut appearance back in 2007, with a mission to introduce Malaysia to REAL cupcakes at a time where most of the cupcakes available seemed to be just mouthfuls of cream which looked good but tasted otherwise.

We managed to treat our taste buds to some of their cupcakes recently:

Red Velvet: Red velvet cake topped with Cream Cheese frosting.
- Didn’t quite like the cake part that had a hint of bitterness to it. It seemed to be chocolate but wasn’t rich chocolate so the bitterness felt a bit out of place. The frosting however, was superb.

Chocofee: Coffee Cake topped with light chocolate frosting
- A very light, easy to eat cake although slightly dry. Chocolate frosting was again, really good.

Fatal Attraction: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting
- Definite choice for chocolate lovers. The cake is good and the frosting is even better.

We didn’t manage to taste all the items on their menu, but based on our experience, here’s our verdict.

The cake itself is where Cupcake Chic’s cupcakes fall short. Although they do possess sufficient bite, they lack in sheer taste. We’ve had some home made cupcakes before which have close-your-eyes-in-appreciation levels of taste, Cupcake Chic’s are nowhere near.

However, their frosting is definitely one of THE BEST around, it saves the whole Cupcake Chic experience.

So if you decide to try one, make sure that the piece you place on your fork has a good balance of the frosting and the cake, let the cakes soft texture land on your tongue, then slowly bite through the frosting and savour the experience. As tempting as it may be, try not to finish all the frosting and leave the cake behind!

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