Friday, December 14, 2012

What is your Wonderland?

Everybody knows what Alice's Wonderland looks like and we all want a piece of that. Just to have a tiny rabbit hole to crawl into, stumbling through giant flowers or living the life of a Cheshire Cat (all you do is appear and disappear with a wide smile), instead, we drag ourselves up everyday to crawl through crazy jams and before even reaching the office, we are already counting the needle on the clock to strike 6PM.

What if I told you that there's a place where your dreams will make a Galaxy Wonderland? A place where everyone can share what they are most inspired of and watch as everybody's dreams and inspiration forms a true Wonderland. A place where only dreams are made of.

Fascinating isn't it?
I know! I was too when I first heard of it. Everybody wants a piece of Wonderland, but why not build this place together?


Samsung has collaborated with Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai yet again, for a brand new project called Galaxy Wonderland ( This was build on the success of the first project - the award winning Sparkle Project.

So what is Galaxy Wonderland all about?


Through the stories and inspirations that are shared on Galaxy Wonderland, illustrators, will populate the online portal with whimsical illustrations using the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Making a whole new world, with your dreams! Can you imagine a world with Durian Flowers, Nasi Lemak Hills, Colorful Turtles and so much more?


More than that, these beautiful representations of Malaysian stories will be incorporated in a music video featuring Yuna’s new song and produced with the GALAXY Note II.

All that with the Samsung Galaxy Note II? Crazy, isn't it?

I submitted my own inspiration of Malaysia as well.


TADAHHHHH!!! This is what I love most about Malaysia. It'ss islands!

Okay it was suppose to look like this picture.


This was taken when I went to Pulau Perhentian not too long ago and I love this picture. It is now on my Facebook Cover, if you must know. So far, I've been to many islands along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, but next year I am aiming to fly over to Sipadan to check out its' beauty.

Did you know that our islands are much more beautiful than most around the world? Don't count Bora Bora and Maldives but really, these islands have brought many tourist and a few have stayed on to make the place their home.

I really can't wait to see how Samsung is going to incorporate my inspiration of Malaysia into Galaxy Wonderland! Come, lets build a Wonderland together, shall we? This is a place where dreams are made of

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