Tuesday, December 11, 2012

H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing Party 2012

Why I have so many backlogged post? Well, it was mainly because my birthday present from the hubs consists of a Playstation 3 + Final Fantasy 13 + Final Fantasy 13-2. That alone, sent me to tears of happiness when I first tore away the paper wrapper of the dvd and then to realize that the bigger present was a PS3. I've always always wanted one so that I can continue FF13 from where I was left of FF12. Though they aren't the same story, I completely love RPG games, especially FF series and Kingdom Hearts.

Now that I've finished my games and while I am patiently waiting for FF13 : Lightnig Returns and Kindgom Hearts 3 to be released, I've decided to get back to blogging.

lighting wasn't that good and my camera ain't no dslr. teresa, baby, me & julian

This year's H-Artistry HALO 2012 was held at none other than the yearly appointed venue of the event, MIECC (Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre).

As you've probably noticed that this year, the parking lot at the venue was not available and this was mainly to encourage everyone to not drink and drive. If you are there to attend a drinking event, "don't drink and drive" definitely doesn't apply to those who went driving. However, the event organizers have arranged 500 cabs for those who needed assistance to head home and they were kind enough to provide RM20 as subsidy.

Admittedly, I wasn't too keen on this change because it means really bad traffic jam. Not everybody in KL will take the effort to get a cab to the venue because it was raining heavily and people would prefer to drive. The hubs and I made our way there by car, but when we go to these events, we usually go back sober. At least, one of us. Okay, at least him. He will always make sure that he doesn't drink too much because he needs to make sure both of us gets home safe.

The traffic there was insanely jam! It was pouring and people were forced to park inside Mines Shopping Centre and some tried to go into MIECC which caused even more jam because then they've had to back out on a one way lane. We were pretty lucky to find parking by the roadside, but walking in the rain with makeup and high heels wasn't a great start to a much anticipated event for me.

We arrived at 11pm, right on to watch Block B taking the stage. It wasn't as packed as it was last year, I'd say that the organizers did a great job in making sure that the place had ample space for people to walk and dance. The bars at the lobby were out of Hennessy (really surprising though), so we had to move in towards Zone O to get some drinks.

Right below Zone O, there was a bar as well and I decided to get a drink there. Here's where I rant about how idiotic the bartender was. One of the bartender poured H mix Apple for me but there's no ice. It was the other bartender's job to pour me some ice from the ice box but he was actually toying with me. I actually had very little patience when the ice was just behind him but he pretended not to hear my request and kept a smirk on his face. He continued pouring drinks for everybody who got there after me and I think, about half an hour later, he finally took the scoop and scooped 3 glasses worth of ice and poured it into my glass, causing everything to spill around my hand as I was holding onto the glass. Shocked! I stared at him and he was smiling, saying "ENOUGH???" and went on back doing his thing. I was downright pissed off. Why on earth H-Artistry hired barmen like him, I really don't know but for your future events, please do screen through all of them to avoid any incidents such as this. Note that this was my FIRST glass.


We took a corner, and chilled there the entire night. The atmosphere wasn't hyped up then but when it came to Havana Brown & Starkillers, it was pumping hard!

When I was heading out, there were H-Artistry Ambassadors giving out bottles of mineral water which I gladly took! Drinking loads of water after taking in alcohol is a must if you don't want your body to go into hangover mode the next day. It is also to flush out as much toxin as possible.


Overall, I only managed to enjoy the mixes towards the end of the night. I hope the next HA has better quality check on the bartenders and more DJs that spins dance music. Afterall, it is an alcohol event. People would probably be more keen to party if it was RNB, House or Electro. Sets the mood right, know what I mean? That's my opinion.

Looking forward to the next HA installment! Keep it locked on www.h-artistry.com.my for updates on future H-Artistry events slated for 2013.

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