Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun with Samsung Galaxy Note II

Back when Draw Something was so popular among smart phone users, it was crazy fun drawing for people to guess and guessing someone else's in return. I don't think drawing is my forte actually. I guess I'm just not that creative. Check this one out


I did this for Erica and she couldn't even make of what it was. That bad. When I was drawing it, I thought it came out pretty CLEAR that it was what it was. I guess not.

Then, Draw Something literally (literally literally - Robin Scherbatsky) died like, after 1 week. Everyone got bored of it and it became ancient.

So anyway, I have something fun and exciting for you to do and it has to do with being creative. Even if you can't draw to safe yourself, this is just for fun! You might also get the chance to win something at the end of it too!

Samsung Galaxy Note II is all about being Creative (underlined) and I know most of you are creative in your own unique way but really, just click and you'll see what I mean. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note II all the better but if you don't, then you'll get a little taste of what being creative with Samsung Galaxy Note II is all about!

It's pretty fun actually. I love coloring. Who doesn't?!
Check out what my popcorn looks like! (sounds funny and weird)

See Adam asking you to Click To Start? Click it.


Pick either Ernest Zacharevic, Sharifah Aman, Adam C or Razif Hashim. I went with Sharifah because she is a lady! Sexist, I know. ;D


Pretty simple. All I did was play around with the tools for a bit and I was pretty much convinced that I can come up with something creative!


ALL DONE! TADAHHHHH!!Wanted to do Christmas colors since Christmas is around the corner. What do you think?


Submitted my name and email address! Waiting patiently now for them to tell me I won. (in my dreams, perhaps)


You can try a few times if you like. Here's the website again, for all you lazy people :
There are no entry limit. May the best man (or woman) win!

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