Monday, December 10, 2012

The awesomest Birthday ever!

This should be old news by now but I've got to pen this down. I had the awesomest birthday celebration ever! My friends tried to do a surprise thing for me but it never happened because someone accidentally mentioned it on the group chat but we had a really good time at Nero Fico, an Italian restaurant in Damansara Heights. Just slightly before The Hill.


This year, instead of celebrating in a club with head banging music and loads of alcohol, I wanted a toned down birthday celebration. So, baby arranged a little one at Nero Fico.

The ambience of the restaurant was really nice! It's a place where people wine and dine while listening to a live band. I was pretty awed by how lovely the setting was. Dimly lit with dark wood flooring. Wine bottles covered most of their walls and I love how it was so cozy and comfortable.


We ordered a few of their mains to share. I love the Vongole that I ordered! It was superbly delicious, the pasta was really flavorful with the scallops and clams that came with it. There was this Clam Chowder thingie that Ju ordered and it was crazy good! I can still taste it now! Other than that, we had pizza, wine and some cocktails.


It was funny this one time when the band was playing a birthday song wghile one of the waiter came out with a cake and I thought it was for ME! but then everyone at the table said, it wasn't because the other table was celebrating a birthday as well. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was, maybe just for a tiny second when I noticed that another cake came out, and this time it was heading directly towards ME! damn! LOL.


I was really touched that everyone made the effort to make my day special for me. I seldom celebrate my birthday with the usual birthday cake and songs but what all of them did for me this year, I really couldn't ask for more.

KH bought me a few balloons and one was really special because it said, "Queen for the day!" and I held on to it like it was made specially for me! KH and Z also gave me a bottle of Moet. I love champagnes! The rest gave me Sephora cash vouchers so that I can buy whatever I like from Sephora instead of them getting something I don't. I still have not gone and claim my birthday present yet, but I will soon!
My birthday cake was from RT, and I can't believe KH chose coffee! Nobody knows that I love coffee so much, except for this girl and I've not had a coffee birthday cake before! Thanks, girl :)


We spent the rest of the night eating, drinking, chatting, and mostly taking loads of photos. Teresa brought her Instant Camera, forgot what it is called but we took loads of photos and they are now stuck to my fridge.


All in all I was crazy happy and contented. I realized that I have friends who actually care about my birthday and make the effort to make me feel special. Thank you so much for being awesome! and of course, all of this won't be complete if it wasn't for baby who took effort to arrange it. I love you much much :)

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