Friday, September 28, 2012

Beach bumming Day 2 on Perhentian Island

The next day began at 930am when we rose for breakfast!


It felt pretty good because I realized that I was on a vacation and there's no rush for anything else in the world. So we washed up and headed down, curious at what food awaits us.


Breakfast was served buffet style. I personally loved their fried potatoes with onions. The hubs was really psyched when found out that the resort has an egg counter so he placed an order for scrambled eggs with mushrooms (several times). Croissants, cereals, sausages, slices of really good cheddar, beef and chicken ham, stir fried noodles, and a few others were laid on the table for guests.


After breakfast, we decided to laze around the beach (like duh!). I happily got onto my Fifty Shades of Grey (book 1) while my better half roamed around to take some "pro" shots around the side of the island that we were on.


The second day at Perhentian Kecil wasn't that sunny. Usually monsoon hits the islands on the east side of Malaysia from October onwards to February and September is probably the last month you'll be able to enjoy the beach properly. The clarity of the water won't be as clear, so if you want to have really good visibility underwater during snorkeling, I suggest you visit during June. That would be the best time.

Anyway, the island was pretty small. A walk back and forth probably takes about 15minutes, 20 at most. There's nothing much to see except Ang Mohs sun bathing (not nude) and reading under popped up umbrellas on the beach. We even came across a group of locals doing Oppa Gangnam Style and they recorded it.


Came evening it was really beautiful because it drizzled a little and we saw two rainbows forming while I was having coffee at the resort's cafe. This little kitten came over to greet us. He was really manja and it made me miss my cats so much.


We decided to walk towards the "happening side" of the island for dinner. There's this really laid back all-rasta place which attracted alot of the island tourists during the night. They have pizzas, pastas, burgers, kebabs, cocktails and movie night. Walking into the area a little we found ourselves in front of Panorama Cafe. They serve really good food and they host movie night at 815pm every night. A great way to keep guests in place and get them ordering snacks until the movie ends. And just like that, Panorama became our favourite dinner venue during our stay.


First night, we watched Ben Stiller in Tower Heist. It was super hilarious and having so many random people watching and laughing together was ..something. It felt, like home. Like I was watching a movie with a group of friends and having dinner together. It was good, really.

Soon, the movie ended and we made way back to the resort. The night was pitch black, all we had was a little torch from the phone. We walked by the beach, listened to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and the hubs got scared when he heard leaves rustling in the jungle to the left..overall it was pretty romantic. LOL.

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