Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunset along the way to Grik

I realized that I've kept the most important part of my Penang trip tucked neatly in my PG album, untouched. Sad to say that I've absolutely forgotten about it and it has been a whole month since my PG trip. Well, before I enthusiastically pen down my recent activities, I think we should go with my trip to Grik Road first.

Leaving Penang, was rather difficult. Not because I loved the place so much, but because I slept at 430am the night of Johnnie Walker and was forced to get up at 11am because check out at Shangri-La was at 12pm. Bummer. I would so love to laze on their ridiculously comfy bed.


Upon checking out, the hubs bought me a heart shaped, ... pastry. Totally forgotten the name of this pastry because it has been a month, so please excuse me. It was rather sweet though.


Lunch was at a food court centre in the heart of Penang city. What's the name? I know not, but apparently it is quite famous. I went for my last meal of Loh Bak, who knows when will I ever taste this delicious dish again.


Soon, we departed for Grik Road. It is a long drive down, or rather across because Grik Road shoots from Penang to Terengganu, absolutely close to Thailand border. The drive across was breathtakingly gorgeous. The view of mountains and valleys which we never knew existed or come across along our north south highway were hidden along roads such as Grik and I was so blown away by the beauty of Malaysia. I now understand what people on the Discovery channel meant when they said Malaysia is a true beauty of nature.


Never leaving Malaysia before, I would say that the drive to Grik Road was a true out-of-the-country experience. I've never thought that we have such beautiful scenery, apart from the usual misty hills along the roads to Genting Highland or hills and valley up towards Cameron Highland but this, this would be much better if expressed by scenic photos which I've gotten in my camera along Grik Road. Photos do speak louder, as I've captured the beauty of it all the way. :)


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