Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Qualities Men Should Have

With the latest video spread on Facebook, showing disturbing acts of a husband physically abusing his 19 year old - 2 months pregnant wife, you never would have guessed that there are still men out there who are not susceptible to chivalry. Heck, we often question, what has the world become?

As women, we often wonder if we would ever find the right one. During my early teen-hood, when life only seemed to revolve around studies and puppy love, I remembered doing what most girls would have done at my age; draw up a check list of the perfect man. Handsome, smart, funny, loving, kind, cute, tall, ..hopefully a prince from one of the fairy-tales...and it has to be Brad Pitt. My now self would have told my teen self, "stick to reality, kiddo".

Watching Linora's Take On Men yesterday night, sparked up a topic that I would like to blog about. Men and their qualities.

Just today, I got a whiff of bad body odor from a passer-by and he absolutely had no idea that he smells! I usually get offended and really wonder if these men really don't know that they smell. I mean, it really can't be that they think they smell nice, right? Maybe some men just don't care because it's not like they are getting anything out of smelling nice.

So anyway, this is my take on men and how I would love for all you testosterone filled human being to really read. Sometimes, people are much nicer face to face and probably wouldn't want to offend you by saying you smell or have really bad breath. Maybe this post would enlighten you to the possibilities that you might have some of these bad stuff that we find offensive.


It is amazing that some people are really ignorant. For instance, I see men of all sizes rushes out through a glass door but on the other side, waits an old lady. Another incident where I was carrying heaps of parcels and my stack of notes fell on the floor but NOBODY, including the man standing behind me, helps. NOBODY. Sad to say that we are all used to it and when there's someone who is kind enough to help, you gasp in astonishment.

It really shouldn't be like that! Men should know what to do and be helpful, kind and considerate to us fragile Venuses! What on earth Mars has done to you guys? (see the pun?) So next time when you are out there, show your kindness. Your helpfulness and be how a man should be.

I am not saying that you'll have to fly to the moon, what not. Just be kind.

The first thing that popped into my head when it comes to grooming, men and their nails! OMG! I absolutely 101% CANNOT STAND AH BENG NAILS. I call them Ah Beng because all Ah Bengs have them! That long pointy nail on the thumb and on the pinky. ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY DISGUSTING! There's such a thing as an ear digger and there is also such a thing as tissue! Can you imagine, they then use their fingers to peel prawns? Ewwww!

Hair. I CANNOT STAND DOG HAIR. I am too nice to tell it to you face to face but I find that blogging about this turned out to be better than I expected. I get to pin point what I cannot stand about men! IF YOU WANT TO HAVE LONG HAIR, TIE IT UP AND GET IT WASHED!

Once, I met a friend on my way over to the cinema. The usual greeting was in order and when we hugged, holy moly, this guy's hair smelled bad, like he didn't wash it for days! You know the smell when you sweat and not wash your hair. It has this really weird smell and it was totally disgusting, I nearly gagged. I am so not exaggerating. Seriously guys, please take care of your personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene which I already spoke about just now. USE A DAMN DEODORANT. Even if you don't smell, use it! They are made for a reason!

Clothes that smell. Even when my clothes aren't dried properly and has that musky non-dried smell, I throw it back to wash. I don't really care how many times it has to be washed, as long as the smell is off and dried properly the next round, I am content because I don't want to be putting it on, with that eeky smell on it and have everybody around me smell that. Your nose is given to you for a reason. If I can smell that, everybody with a nose can do the same.


Patience with the ladies. You know, us ladies are really the ones to be treasured. We will do anything for you, as long as you treat us with respect, love, kindness and sincerity. When we make ourselves presentable, we want to look good for you and for ourselves. If we don't look good, we don't feel confident and when we don't feel confident, you won't look good having us beside you. SO, be patient. It takes time to look really good and smell absolutely delicious for you. LOL.

This reminds me of Christian Grey from the novel Fifty Shades. I am sure half the female population in Malaysia has read it and I am halfway through the first book. His favorite, or rather the author's favorite word is delicious. Those who have not read it, go figure.

Anyway, there are still tons I would like to blog about men but I think the basic has been said!

Guys, please bear in mind that girls are to be treated with utter respect. There are really no words to describe the many abusive men out there but to blame it on their upbringing. That is indeed one sad fact.

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