Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Review of The Proposal


A brief intro:
The Proposal is a romantic comedy directed by Anne Fletcher and was officially released on June 18, 2009 by Touchstone Pictures. However, the film reached Malaysian theatres much later that its original release date.

The Proposal brings together Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (who have worked together on a number of films before) as the 2 leading characters in the film.
Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a Chief Editor at a book company who is soon to be deported to Canada for a year. As a means of avoiding her fate, she spontaneously lies to the company’s management about her coming faux-marriage to assistant Andrew Paxton.

Ryan Reynolds plays Andrew Paxton, the hard-working, kind-hearted, assistant who is forced into the marriage scam created by his boss. He is initially reluctant, but soon takes advantage of the situation for his own career advancement.

The film then revolves around the many consequences of their actions, how Margaret Tate is forced to follow her faux fiancĂ© back to his hometown of Sitka, Alaska, slowly realizes her actions after meeting Andrew Paxton’s family and how inevitably, they end up falling in love.

What we liked…
The on-screen chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is definitely one of the better partnerships in recent times. Not to mention the fact that The Proposal represents Sandra Bullock’s first number 1 movie in 10 years and marked her biggest opening weekend. Not bad for a simple romantic comedy.

The humorous sequences are portrayed remarkably well by Reynold’s signature comical expressions and Bullock’s sophisticated yet funny mannerisms. And you do also get a glimpse of Ryan Reynold’s and Sandra Bullock’s “physiques” in very funny fashion.

The way the 2 lead characters’ relationships develop throughout the show is also portrayed well and is one that can definitely be related to.

What we didn’t like too much…
The romantic element of the film, although existent, was just slightly insufficient to create that sense of “falling in love” for us. In a way, it felt more like a “comedy that was romantic”, than a “romantic comedy”.

Apart from that, there really isn’t much that you can fault the movie for.

If “What Happens in Vegas” is your cup of tea, then The Proposal will most definitely be one as well. It may not be as emotionally involving as say “P.S I love you”, but it is still more than worth watching.

So don’t miss out on it, and in case you do, be sure to get a DVD.

Our rating.

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