Friday, August 28, 2009

I cant help but Miss you

Although it has been exactly 1 month since you were no longer ours, I still miss your voice and your presence. I cant help but feel sad whenever I come back from work and you are no longer there to greet me with your meows. I miss your cute button nose and your curious eyes. I miss how you leap straight onto my lap for scratches. I miss you, little Tishu.

I hope that you are happier with your new owner. I heard that they adopted a little friend to play with you now and you are no longer locked up in a cage most of the day, free to roam the room as much as you want to. It is sad that we couldnt give you such a life, but we would if we could.

Although I know that you are much better off now than you were with us but I still wish that you are still mine. I used to feel that having you is such a burden because I worry day and night about you whenever it rains or gets too hot outside because we have no choice but to have you out on the balcony. If we could have just found you when we already have a house, you will have the whole house to yourself and I will not trade you for any other cat in this whole wide world.

isnt she pweettty? =D

With all the love, baby Tishu

Your Human

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