Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am a Hopeless Romantic

I first cried to a movie was when I watched Armageddon (1998 film) a few years back. The famous scene where Liv Tyler was talking to Bruce Willis when he planned to stay back on the meteor to sacrifice himself for earth. I found that part extremely sad and before I knew it, I burst into tears. More like, major sobs and the most interesting part was that I couldn't understand why he had to die, probably not realising the fact that it was a movie and that movies are not real and that people do not actually die in real life compared to in the movies.

Before that happened, I always couldn't understand how some people tend to cry just by watching a movie. A Movie is A Movie and it is not real at all but it hit me that sometimes the person watching the movie might tie the story back to their life or past experiences. Therefore, they cry when it is sad and laugh when it is funny.

So, after that incident, I started feeling all these mix emotions when I am watching movies. Especially sad ones. And the worst that I've ever cried to was P.S I Love You.

I cried through ALMOST the whole show. You have no idea how much it touched me.


The movie is about how Holly played by Hilary Swank, goes through her life without her husband, Gerry played by Gerard Butler, who had just passed away from a tumour. Came Holly's birthday, she received a birthday cake which was signed off from Gerry and it came with a letter which was written to her, when he was still alive. Gerry who knew he was about to die, had plan a remarkable journey for Holly and with that, he gave her the strength to be on her own again, this time, without him by her side. A truly remarkable and touching film I found it to be, if you've not seen it, please go grab a dvd or something.

P.S I Love You is originally a book written by Cecelia Ahern in 2004 and was made a movie in 2007. I am probably gonna buy the book because I heard that it is so much more better than the movie.

I have not cried reading a novel before, probably this would be my first. :)

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