Tuesday, August 25, 2009

malaysian dogs deserve better

My heart is all broken reading about dogs on Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better. Dogs being physically and mentally abused by their owners and random strangers. Dogs being thrown out to an Island to fend for their lives. Strays which didn't survive because rescue was too late. It is heart wrenching to know that we are more than a million in Malaysia and there's only 5% of us who are dedicating our hearts to be the voice and support for these animals who cant speak for themselves.

As I was reading the articles on MDDB, it is so unbelievable that humans can be so cruel to a certain extend. Being in the working world myself, I have encountered numerous people who tend to take advantage of any given situation, even if it means breaking the law, in order to be richer or a step up from where they used to be. We might not realise it but we are no better than the carnivorous animals in the jungle which feed on their own kind in order to survive. What a world we are born into.

Here, organizations such as MDDB (Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better), PAWS Malaysia and SPCA Malaysia are trying so hard to speak and protect our human companions and on the other hand, there are more of us trying to get rid of these animals because they are like pests to certain people. My heart is all out for the people who are trying to reach the world by making a point that humans have no rights to take animals for granted or to abuse them just because they have no home. They have feelings too and we don't get to feel it because they cant speak our language.


Dogs and other animals deserve to be loved. If you have a blog or some other way you can spread an awareness such as this, please do help to do so. I hope that Malaysians will open their eyes and be ONE, as all the media are bragging about, to help each other create a better world for us to live in.

This weekend Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better will be at Trift & Green Bazaar by A Shopaholic's Den located at 32 Square. Be there to support them!

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