Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If only we could grow Marshmallow Brown hair

I know that you know that we all know what is Liese Bubble Hair Colour but what some of you might not know is how lovely Marshmallow Brown turned out to be :D

I've been wanting to give my hair a brand new colour-do and I've only had Liese in mind. So, I went through a couple of reviews of Liese's Marshmallow Brown and Chiffon Beige before I decided on a colour. Came to realize that these two were favourites among those who have tried Liese.

Like about a year ago, I tried a bottle of Marshmallow Brown but the colour did not turn out as shown on the package and a bottle was only enough for shoulder length hair and mine was like waist length, so it might not have worked because there wasn't sufficient dye. If it was stated on the box, I would have bought two but it was only mentioned on the leaflet that was inside the box.


SO, THIS TIME I BOUGHT TWO BOTTLES! and it was more than enough =_=

As ironic as it is, Liese Bubble Hair Colour is supposed to be as easy as squeeze foam onto hand and shampoo your head like you usually do when showering but if I did it myself, I probably wouldn't have gotten my whole head to bubble up if it weren't for the help of the fiance. #failmax

So remember to get someone else to help you as well.

Before - with Marshmallow Brown dye a year ago (which was less than a shade lighter from my normal dark brown) & highlights from The Met

Remember to get a towel that has no value to you in the past, present or future. GO NAKED and put it around your shoulders.

Put on gloves that are provided in the box

Pour liquid from brown bottle into transparent bottle. Seal it with the white cap, terbalik (forgot the english version) the thing at least 5 times until mixture becomes dark brown like the picture above. DO NOT SHAKE VIGOROUSLY !

Put on pink cap, gently press the middle part of the bottle when it is upright. If you spot light purple foam coming out from the bottle, then you have the PERFECT dye!

Lather everything onto head. Make sure you've covered your hairline.

Then meditate for 30 minutes

GO NAKED entirely. Rinse head with luke warm water without getting any water into your eyes. Shampoo twice then towel dry hair

Apply treatment provided onto towel dried hair and then DRY THOROUGLY

After - with new Marshmallow Brown dye

As you can see, a much lighter shade. My previous highlights are still visible but not that obvious anymore. It will probably get lighter after 2 more wash.

I am pretty satisfied this time round :D

Oh by the way, the cheapest that I found was at Watson priced RM34.90/bottle as compared to the pharmacy outside Jusco Midvalley at RM37.90/bottle. However, if you wish to have plenty of colours available (click here for colour list) for you to choose from, go to the one outside Jusco instead of Watson and remember to get two bottles if your hair length exceeds your shoulder.



  1. I use the mocha orange a year ago. hehe is time for me to get a new hair colour :D

  2. I tried Liese before 2years back. Went to see my stylist a few mths later, my stylist told me not to use it anymore. say tat it spoils our hair, cuz of the cheap chemical they use.

  3. Hey Wilee, was it very orange? I read some reviews and they turn out quite orange though.

    Jessy, not so sure about it spoiling our hair but I think all hair dyes damages hair and it only depends whether we use good treatment to repair those that are damaged.

    So far, I've actually felt that my hair is much softer compared to before dye and their treatment given in the box was really good. I mean, this is my personal experience.

    Most salons would probably say that, maybe so that they don't run out of business but if it were to be compared to brands of dye, Loreal or Redken would still be better compared to Liese.