Thursday, February 2, 2012


If you are at Scott Garden @ Old Klang Road and happened to be craving for a cup of really good coffee, do not.. i repeat, DO NOT be charmed by the looks of D'vine and their claim of illy coffee brew because that was exactly what happened to me!


It was such a casual 2nd day of Chinese New Year and all I wanted was a cup of really good coffee but I was at Scott Garden where most of the shop lots are not occupied and those which are, are mostly pubs which only open at night. I recalled seeing this really cute small outlet on the ground floor, or was it 1st, I really don't care but this place charmed me by it's really cool interior and promises of great coffee brewed by illy coffee machine and beans.

So I ordered a cup of Cappuccino (RM7.90), sat under one of their sun shaded by-the-beach umbrella thing chair and anticipated for my coffee. Right then, I noticed that the only person serving was this Indonesian lady (looks very much like a hired maid) who does not understand English, making my coffee. Shit, right?

Then I figured, it probably WILL NEVER go wrong because the machine should be pre-set to illy's standard brew and coffee beans ALSO CAN NEVER go wrong because they are coffee beans but when my cup of ... I've no idea what .... came, I WAS WRONG! like a gazillion times wrong because when it came, my coffee WAS NOT A CAPPUCCINO but maybe some rubbish brown water which the coffee machine vomited out.


First thing I noticed, no leaf presentation. Since it was a small coffee place, I managed to put that aside. Second, the cup was served with coffee spilled onto the plate. WHERE ON EARTH SERVES ILLY COFFEE LIKE THAT?!

Coffee was tasteless. Not even slightly roasted. Not enough foam or milk. Frankly speaking, IT WAS CRAP and baby did not even finish his. He said, "why pay to suffer?"


The best part, NO TEASPOON but an ice cream stick? WHAT THE FU..?

I've never been so pissed drinking a cup of RM7.90 FAKE ILLY COFFEE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Therefore, I decided to blog about this shit hole place and would love for them to die move out of Scott Garden because Scott Garden is a developing place along Old Klang Road and we do not need this sort of crap coffee ILLY-MY-ASS place!


  1. Do you know that by writing such posts, you can be sued for defamation? All it takes is for someone to send this posting to Illy and you're in deep trouble.

  2. don't worry about it, I've already done it and have complaint it to illy myself.

    I only blog the truth. If this joint is using illy's name to get customers but only serving shit coffee, then illy has the right to know.

    thanks for your concern. I honestly doubt that I'll get into BIG trouble letting illy know that a coffee joint is tarnishing its' reputation.

    by the way, if you would like to comment such comments like these, at least leave your name and not be anonymous.

  3. Just so u know, Brussels @ Jaya One serves Illy like that too. And yeah, not everyone can make a perfect illy coffee. Beans only influence 30% and the rest is up to the barista. So no mater illy or sega fredo, u give a maid to brew tat means double havoc. But well, maybe they really using illy beans, but bad barista screws up everything. Cheers.

  4. hey, really?? wow I didn't know that because so far I've tasted the one in Bangsar Village I and it was really good. It was just that I was willing to have my coffee crave fixed there seeing that there are promises of illy brew but got disappointed instead.

    Anyways, I have already received a reply from illy's MD and they said they will arrange for a visit to D'vine to carry out a checkup. Also told me that they take complaints seriously to maintain their standard of serving an excellent brew. If I happen to experience bad ones again, feel free to inform him and the next cup will be on his tap.

    (so much for getting into BIG trouble)

  5. In my point of view, Classic Fine Foods markets their Illy product so well, that u can enjoy them in every corner within Klang Valley. But the sad part is, not everyone are able to extract a perfect shot. In order to do one perfect espresso or ristreto, they need to follow all the parameter set by Illy (Italy) itself.
    And then only we proceed to the milk, the foam, the temperature, bla bla and bla....
    A cup of cappucino with the brand Illy doesnt mean anything at all, my fren.

  6. wah sad to hear that but you are the first person to say that actually. probably different people different perspective but so far the people who enjoy coffee that I know, mentioned that illy is one of the finest. I also personally love Lavazza coffee. Shangri-La at its' best!

  7. That is very true. You can have the finest quality beans and very bad coffee because of the bad preparation. All it takes is one bad chef in a really good restaurant to make it a bad experience. Coffee is an art to be learned, and not everyone learns it or has the time to teach barista. If you are relying on something you press out of a button in a machine, then it is instant coffee, no matter what anyone says.

    Good luck with your coffee hunt, but it sounds like Malaysia charges a lot for a cup of coffee!

  8. Yeah I believe that too.

    Just that I think I expected too much from a reliable brand. Probably won't be too willing to try new places like this anymore.

    Oh yes, usually for a cup in Malaysia can range from RM5-RM13 depending on what and where you order your coffee and RM5 is like for a cup of Old Town White Coffee (local brew). For really good ones can go up to RM15 most.

  9. Wow~~~
    This cafe change so much?
    Last time I try there is a Chinese guy as Batista making me coffee!
    It was a very good experience!
    Just imagine an Italian food cook by a Indonesian worker! I think is the same result as this Italian coffee make by an Indonesian girl! Without any knowledge about coffee making! Like a nice pcs of meat if the chef have no knowledge cut and cook! Will spoil the meat on the spot!
    The spoil the cup of good coffee in the end!
    But I think I'll still give them a chance and go and try out!
    Barista is the key person on the final result of the cup of coffee!

  10. Yups! Probably was good at the very beginning and now that everything is settled, owner must have hired another person to do it. Anyways, thanks for dropping by. If you know of any really good coffee place, let me know!

  11. Dear Maggot,

    I came across this blog as I was google-ing for new cafe's with nice coffee around town. And I must say your blog caught my attention. But I was really surprised by your review above, at some point I found it quite hilarious the way you describe it.

    Why? Because I have been to this cafe a few times and I tried their Cappuccino and Mojito series too. Frankly their coffee is not bad at all, my friend who came back from overseas loves the latte there. The girl who served us speaks well in English, if it was the same lady you talking about here ( I guess so cause every time I'm there only one worker)I feel bad for her being framed in such post. Though I agree with you that she may not be a local but she speaks well, well mannered too.

    That's all besides the point. The main thing is I feel you should be responsible when you blog about some thing, especially when other's business is involved. How old are you? How many cups of coffee have you tasted in your life? Perhaps the problem lies in your taste bud and not their coffee? Personally I know many bloggers, but I have not seen such a post like yours. Do you need to be so harsh? And you accusing that they use fake Illy Coffee...I just pity the owner hahaha...if this is Singapore I'm sure actions will be taken against you :)

    Using an ice cream stick as a stirrer is quite creative in my opinion. Many new cafe's I visited recently are also doing the same. Some even have design's on the stirrer. Which 'kampung' are you from? Why so conservative?

    So much anger and shameful words all for a cup of coffee which cost less than RM10? Don't go so low. You need get a life kid...just my two cents


    1. Hi Suan,

      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to write such a debatable comment but I will leave it as it is as I am only blogging from MY point of view and my experiences with other coffee at other coffee joints.

      If their standard in making a cup of coffee is to your liking, then it is all good for you because I believe that different people have different standards. I am probably one of the few who didn't like it. Who knows?

      I am sure if I am in Singapore, and a Singaporean, I will know the rules of my own country but the main point is, I am point pointing that out..LOL

      Anyway, thanks for your feedback. I am sure if the owner is reading this, he/she will be honored to know that there are others out there who doesn't have the same opinion as I did.

      Have a good day then :)

  12. Suan,

    I'm a reader and also from a "kampung" near maggot and it's funny that you feel her ranting is sufficient for some "action" to be taken.

    Understand that coffee joints and other such f&b outlets are categorized in something called the "service industry", at least that is the case in the "kampung" me and the maggot are from. And when said service is bad, customers are entitled to complain. Do you take "action" against someone who complains to the management and the rest of the world about watered down soup in a restaurant? Did you hear about the cockroach in Sakae Sushi?

    Thought so.

    Instead, in the service industry, you take the criticism and you win your customer back by being attentive to their comments (which is what Illy Cafe has done by actually messaging the maggot back, saying that they will look into the matter).

    You are partially right by saying "the problem lies in your taste bud". Thing is, it's not a problem... rather, it's a fact of life that everyone has their own personal tastes. Obviously, the coffee at this place didn't live up to Maggot's.

    Oh and to address your statement:
    "The girl who served us speaks well in English, if it was the same lady you talking about here ( I guess so cause every time I'm there only one worker)I feel bad for her being framed in such post. "

    Clearly this is inaccurate because in the previous anonymous post, someone already pointed out that there was even a Chinese barista there at one stage.

    But it's great to see that you were interested in this blog enough to want to make a comment on it. I think the maggot replied to your comment quite well, even though you did imply that she was from a "kampung".

    And that's how you respond to comments and criticism.