Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Put me on cloud9

Guess what?

While I was home alone with ABSOLUTELY nothing to do (raining, thunder, lightning, no internet, no astro), I came across this really really COOL website on my phone (only applicable to girls..really) and it felt like I've discovered a hidden treasure! seriously..#nokiddingyou


It took me only a minute..okay maybe 2 minutes doing this by following the exact tutorial Jane published on her blog.. Yeah, the author of Nailside is also Jane, don't get confused please. I'll never blog as a 3rd party, ever.

You know sometimes I really find it so weird that people refer to themselves as a 3rd for example, my name is Jane so I'll probably update my Facebook status with, "Jane saw some really nice clothes on sale today, and she was wondering if she should get it.." something like that and statuses such as these really weird the crap out of me. Yeap, I just said weird.

I mean, why on earth would someone refer to themselves as their name but not, me or I?

Anyway, that was totally off topic but you get my drift right?

So, speaking of how cool Nailside is.. I TRIED one of her cloud nailart tutorial because it seemed like the least effort put in and now, I am so in love with it!!!! So try it out if you absolutely love it, only takes 2 minutes :D


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