Thursday, January 26, 2012

It takes a long time to grow young. So SWEET 16, it is!

It was my first time at Rootz and I expected it to be another RNB nigger club since my friend told me they were playing RNB but it wasn't bad, AT ALL! I quite like the place actually.

Went in, was overwhelmed by the crowd while trying to search for the bunch because we were told there will be no mobile reception there and had to rely on our eyes to scan all of the faces present that night one by one, until I spotted my little bunny jumping up and down to the music on the higher platform right in front of me.

And so...the party began!

Ade, me and her friend at the pole area

Kev & Baby

Birthday drink for the birthday kiddo!

Seriously filthy floor that nobody noticed

Not sure what Jeremy was trying to be..

Esther planted a smooch on my cheek

My bunny and I! Was wearing super high wedges that night so I had to bend down to take a photo with her so that she doesn't look so short. Hence, the ass tip..LOL

Us and the Birthday boy. Hope you had a real good celebration. Happy 16th, yo!

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