Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the middle of NoWhere

After 3 years of not doing so, I've officially handed in my resignation letter to my current company yesterday. So much so that I am heavy hearted to leave, I can't help but actually smirk at a certain person when my letter was submitted. The fake "Oh, why? What happened? Why you want to leave?" was overcome by a more worried, "Oh, who is going to do my accounts now?" genuine expression and that was my payback for being a two face bitch person behind my back. It is definitely no longer my problem, but hers to deal with.


It is a weird sensation, really. Knowing that your service will soon be terminated and starting afresh quite soon after at a brand new place. The fact that you know when is your last day and when is your first day and not knowing what to expect after. I am a person who does not take risks (if there's a choice, unless I am absolutely sure that there's 100% no risk involve) and to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in my career life sort of have me disorientated. Like, what's next?

In those 3 years that I've worked to bring this company further, all my actions are of what was good for the company. Ways to improve and to generate revenue always linger in my thoughts and at the end of the day, I will be the one satisfied, knowing that I've actually done it. Well, there's always a fall back in every situation and the fall back of working in this company is that no one really cares if you've done a great job (well, of course except my boss) because all that matters is if you know how to clean the toilet, scrub the carpet, have hand towels in the pantry, tidy up people's mess and that if you can take constant humiliation and barking insults. 3 years and still standing, I pat myself on the back for a "great job done" and wish my next replacement a pretty huge luck.

I feel absolutely free now. I've no stress, nor worries. Well, except maybe worrying what will my next job be like. Will it be fun? Will I be able to cope? Will I excel in it? I tend to be very nervous outside my comfort zone and to get through that, I'll just have to pin a note in my head that "Everything is going to be great!". Start my first day on a positive note, and I'll have everything under control in no time!

I know, right now I have nothing much to blog about except my new found job but stay tuned because I will be attending the Celebration of Amazing Skin with Vaseline Party at Luna Bar this Saturday and I am sure it'll be an event to blog about.

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