Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Women often suffer from a lack of moisture all over their body throughout their lives and are not aware of the extreme effects on their skin in the future if it's not well taken care of.

When I was 20, I used to disregard any moisturizing products - lotions, face creams, moisturizers, etc. because I thought that I did not need such help. I thought that these "little helpers" wouldn't be needed until I reach my 40th birthday or something. But as I soon found out, I was only kidding myself.

At 22, I began to spot signs of dehydration - my shoulders, elbows, palms, knees, and to my horror, my feet! It looked as if I had aged another 10 years because my skin started becoming flaky and was absolutely unpleasant to look at. Not to mention, when I was out scouting for basic make up tools, most of the promoters had to comment on how dry my face was! I knew I had to do something about it and get help instantly!

Truth to be told, it isn't easy finding a suitable range of skin care products to suit my skin. Fortunately I don't have over-sensitive skin but through constant changing of skin care products, what tired me the most was being disappointed over and over again. Most of the products I used previously were either too dry, too moist, or don't work at all! Once I'd washed them off after a nice bath, my skin turns flaky again and I constantly need to splat the products over and over again just to conceal them, instead of repairing them!

Well, all you girls should know that when you hit 20, you are on the fast lane to getting wrinkles, flaky skin and pigmentation. Do not disregard all the signs even if you are 20 or under 20; it is always best to start young while your skin has the ability to repair itself and absorb as much products you throw at it.

So, the whole title, "Am I moist enough?" will be answered by, "No, I am not moist enough and I know that no human will be 100% moist."

You can be 100% moist on the outside, all smooth and wrinkle free, but that has to be matched with lots of fluids inside your body, channeling all the dirty stuff out of your body. If you want to achieve that, you have to drink water every 10 minutes of your life and release all that dirt from inside your body every 10mins of your life as well which you cant really do because then, you wont be getting much sleep now would you.

Anyway, if you ask me this, "Are you moist enough, NOW?" then I've got a pretty good answer for you - yes, I am extremely moist now! In fact, I love feeling my skin because it is extremely soft! Here's why...

You see, a few months back, as I was prowling the aisles at Guardian (which I do sometimes), I came across Vaseline's new range of lotions! As you may or may not know, Vaseline is made from Petroleum Jelly and is extremely moisturizing for the skin. Before that, they only had the jelly which comes in various bottle sizes and I once bought that for my cracked lips and dead-wood dry skin beside my mouth. I applied it every time after I showered and all my problems went away within 2 days! Talk about instant results!

Initially, I had doubts with their range of lotions because I dislike sticky lotions. Countless tries of products and disappointments led me to paranoia of wasting my money on lotions which leaves that sticky feeling. However, considering that Vaseline had been around for ages, I gave it a try. I bought a bottle of Vaseline's Total Moisture for the body and it came with a freebie, which was Vaseline's hand & nail lotion. Until then, I didn't know there was such a thing as Nail Lotion! So all the better.


Well people, all I can say is Vaseline’s range of lotions actually solved my “moisture” problems. No, this is not an advertisement nor an advertorial for Vaseline (although now that I've re-read it, it does sound like one!), but it’s coming genuinely from me. After putting on the lotion, my skin is really, really smooth and it actually feels like I sponged it a little with water. Even after a bath, or days when I forget to apply the lotion, I have not seen one bit of flakiness on my skin, especially my problem area - my feet. I've used the lotion everyday now and there's no sticky feeling after application. All in all, I really love this lotion and I would also urge you to give it a try. I bought the big bottle with the pumper and I’m using a full pump for at least 1 whole leg. I bring the hand & nail lotion everywhere because it is so easy to just fit it in my bag. With no total regrets, I can very well say that Vaseline's lotion range is the perfect solution for dehydrated skin.


Now tell me, "Are You Moist Enough?"