Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs Weekend 2010

I know I havent blog since a few weeks back! and I know that you must be wondering if I am abandoning my blog (AGAIN!) but rest assured that I am not abandoning my blog at all (at least for now) and that I am so busy playing a certain game on Facebook that blogging never even crossed my mind until this very moment. It was when I realized that, Oh! I do have a blog that I immediately log in and post this up. As some of you might know that the Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs Weekend 2010 was 2 weeks ago at Midvalley. I actually managed to drop by on the last day of their event.

There were plenty of booths selling apparels and most of them are from the online boutiques community. Unfortunately, I didn't like how every booth were so close to one another and that shoppers only had very little space to walk through. I found it hard to even shop or walk. The fact that I had to squish myself through people made me agitated and in the end, I only visited Super Models Secrets (because she had ample space for me to make a tutu turn) and one more booth which name I forgot (also because there were no one in the booth).

I got myself two items which are best sellers of Super Models Secrets. Fake side fringe and a better version of Bumpit. The owner of Super Models Secrets is really friendly and she answered all my dungu questions about the fake fringe and bumpit that I was planning to get. I should do a review of them both soon. As for the other booth, I spotted a studded belt that I wanted to get for some time already and it was such a steal because it was only RM28! yay for me!..


Overall, I really didn't enjoy myself at the event mainly because I felt that it was too commercialized. Online boutiques started off with really small bazaars in a house or a community hall so this one was lacked of warmth and comfort. In my opinion, bazaars should be small and well spaced out. Shoppers should be able to shop with ease and comfort instead of a huge ass convention centre with booths cramped among one another. It looked to me as if they put making profit the top most priority rather than placing shoppers comfort at the top of their list. Ah well, kudos to the organizers of the event because it was a successful one but it wasn't really my cup of tea. A smaller bazaar for me, anytime!

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