Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Malaysia Tak Boleh!

So, yesterday my car's left corner got scraped by this Silver Mitsubishi Triton WQB 8380 (I had this memorized so that if I ever come across this no plate, ...) whom the driver wanted to cut in front of me as I was lining up at the Kerinchi toll. At that time I was digging for money and I felt a little push to the right. He ram the side of my car, pushing me off the line and the next thing I know, my right side mirror was folded in and the only thing I can see is the truck's right side door scraping against my car. Seriously, he did just that to move one car forward which really wont help him make a difference by a hundred kilometres front. Why he did that, I have no idea but I am guessing it is because he is an asshole.

I wished the two policemen who were right behind me did something. They were both in their Police CRV and they just sat there staring, even laughing at the whole situation. Unbelievable? Believe it because they actually did not do anything. I don't know if I can consider myself lucky to have two policemen behind me, or unlucky. I guess luck doesn't apply in this situation because the fact that policemen who are suppose to take care of incidents like this did not do anything at all yesterday.

How on earth can people still call out loud to Malaysia Boleh? I mean, these are law enforcement people! and they just sat through the whole thing. How can Malaysians put their faith into the government to lead this country to success if small matters like these, they close both eyes? Politicians and other government committees often voice out that we as the residents of this country should stand proud of where we are living in, should support and believe them to make the country a better place. How are we suppose to do that when they are the ones who are to blame?

I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be living in this country. Although, I grow up a Malaysian, if given a choice I wouldn't even want to be one. All it takes to change any law enforcement personnel's mind is bribery. They are so famous with that, that an expat actually wrote a whole article on how you can bribe the police officers if you ran the lights, or went passed the speed limit or even committed a crime. An expat, saying that about this country! Countries all around the world are already moving forward at full speed, regardless to the economy recession whatsoever. And Malaysia? Huh, I don't even think that there is the slightest chance for us to "grow".

So if you are reading this from another country and so happened to be looking for Malaysia reviews, I am here reviewing something negative about Malaysia.

My verdict : Never ever choose Malaysia as your home, if you have a choice.

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