Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cristang Restaurant @ 8 Avenue

It was the usual Dunnowhattoeat Day or in another reconstructed sentence Wheretoeat-Dunno Day. Being a meat lover myself, I can say that I've tried quite alot of burgers around KL and so far my favourite would be the Lamborghini Burger (obvious to the name, Lamb Burger) at The Daily Grind. We heard of Cristang from a friend and decided to give it a try. So it was Baby, me, Ade and ChrisSL.

Cristang recently became famous for their porky dishes and they are actually very open about it. Publishing promotions on Facebook and having really tempting deals like pastas for RM10 on Thursdays if you get yourself something from their main menu.

The owner is a very down to earth, bubbly person. He was sort of dressed like a waiter, with their very own uniform but when he mentioned, "I had to close down the other place and open here.." which gave him away as the owner. He was also openly joking with us that he had to charge us RM10 for an ice water top up which I initially thought he was serious because his face gave nothing away but later on, he crinkled a smile and I knew it was all good.


One thing that he mentioned caught my ears was when he told us that his regular customers consists of the usual Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and a few Malays and the first thing that came to my mind was, "wow, that good"

So anyways, we had a look at their menu which has all sorts of porky dishes from pork steak to pork burgers and ... get ready for this ... egg and bacon soup!


I picked P2 (RM18.90), which consists of bacon (a must!), pork burger patty (deliciously good), cheese, mustard, tomatoes, lettuces, buns and their awesome potato wedges sprinkled with rosemary leaves (thumbs up!)

P3 - P2 with added pork chilli

ChrisSL had the one labeled P3 (RM23.90) which is the P2 but with added pork chilli. Well, I tried a little of their chilli but I've got to say that it didn't really go well with the whole combination. I still preferred mine which was really really good.

Other than what we've tried, what caught my eyes and probably my taste buds was ... I'm not sure P-what burger ... the burger with additional petai. I didn't really want to experience the aftermath of eating petai so I stayed safe and made do with the P2 instead and I have to say (again!) that it is the (THE!) best pork burger I've ever tasted in my life. Cheers to Cristang!

Cristang Restaurant
A: B-G-19, 8 Avenue,
Jalan Sungei Jerneh 8/1
46050 Petaling Jaya
T: 6.03.7956.7877

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