Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Its been 7 years and I am still so in love with you.

Am pretty excited for tonight, wondering where will we be celebrating.
Got you something weird. I hope you like it. I know you will even if it means opening your present and finding a pet hamster in it. *dont worry, no more animals in our lives for the time being.

WOW, 7 years. That's being together for 2,555 days.

I love you, always and forever :D

Since Im pretty free now, no one to chat to online and I thought of just updating what I've been up to.

Clothes For Fun has definitely taken another step wider, going International and also launching Shoes For Fun few weeks back. I've decided to explore further into this and so far, I've been enjoying myself alot, though Im finding it quite difficult to have any spare time to even space out. So far so good anyways.

Other than that, I've caught Iron Man 2 and Ip Man 2. Ip Man 2 is the bomb, that's for sure. Am waiting for Prince of Persia, The Dagger show, I called it. Oh, and probably Shrek 3 as well.

Awesome! Saturday is Chic Pop and Laura Miss OCD will be there. I so wanna visit her, I hope I can make it. Crossing fingers, babe! If I can, we'll be meeting for the very first time! *although we were at the same bazaar, Fleur De Lis and I totally didnt know +_+

map! *omigosh! I so duno how to go =S

Speaking of the bazaar, which means shopping. I've recently bought a number of items which I totally loveeeee but havent gotten a chance to wear. If I happened to, will post it up, if not too bad lah! :P

Oh, and I ordered this for ME.

Buckle Up Boots-4

Will be here next Friday!! Cant Wait!!

Just last week I found 3 blogshops stole my photos :( so angry & sad kay!

Then I've decided to get the Iphone for myself. 4g at the meantime but wait till the thing arrives in Msia and I shall then decide if I want 4g or 3gs.

It's crazy! I have so many things to blog about and I didnt even realise until I started typing. Now, I cant stop. OK I stop here la!

Have a nice longgggggggggggggggggggggg weekend, people! I know we've been all looking forward to this. This year's PH are crap! all saturdays. -_-"

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