Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They Are Annoying Me


When Im online, I see this name every single day. Then when Im not online, I hear this name every single time. What have I done to deserve this?!!

Whoever that is responsible spamming my facebook feed with this and then this again the next few minutes, I would have blocked that person without any second of my time to lose but I cant because this is the very first automotive related field e-magazine that my baby is part of. He is the writer and editor for this whole website and e-mag and I am so proud of him for this. So its probably a love hate relationship that I have with Autogridz.

I am only doing my baby a favour because if Autogridz grow then his name as an automotive writer grows, so with that, if you love fast cars, girls, news on four and two wheels, ipod prizes, then go to www.autogridz.com !

Actually they dont really bother me, its just another reason to blog. Dont say I didnt try!

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