Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Im Such a Dimple Maggot

..whatever that means, anyway!

I know I haven't been blogging for far too long and I just realised that my blog kinda look...all too girly! Occasionally I still log on and look at my side panel for updates but other than that, I'm just so damn lazy to blog. It's not like my life is as interesting as others, that's for sure but I think I shud just continue for the sake of having something to do.

Life isn't going all too well for me these past couple of days. Lets just say that, things are little bit more complicated and it doesn't really look like its going to get better anytime soon.

Just few weeks ago..or was it last week? I'm not too sure but I went to Too Hot to Handle at MOS and it rocked! I spent RM300 just that day and I bought something pink. PINK! and it cost me RM98. Just that little cute dress, RM98! When I told the girls, they were wide eyed but then they realised I bought the dress they all wanted to get and they went even wider eyed with envy. I don't even know where am I gonna wear that. However, there's no regrets buying that dress because its inspired by BeBe. I loved it when I saw Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance, wore it. I just fell deeply in love and throughout the show I was eyeing the dress and wishing I had a chance to buy it and then when I got to the event, I saw it on the runway and I went mad! I had to get it and I got it alright. LOL.

Worth it isn't it?

So other than that I bought some stuff from Jasmine and then headed to Pyramid to do even more shopping! I love it when I feel like I can buy anything in the world..but I hate it when reality kicked in and that I realised Ive just been silly spending a bomb on clothes. So yea..other than that, there's nothing else I would want you to know..lol

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