Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Tishu


Align CenterI spotted her, stumbling in and out through a few people. All unaware of her presence, almost squashing her with their giant feet compared to her tiny little frame. Baby grabbed her and got her into a box we assumed was meant for her. Whoever that has left her there, or whoever that found her wondering around like we did, had her put into a box, with a bowl of water just outside the box, already dirty from days of dust and insects.

Got her a clean box, baby had to look through the food court we were in. I was having my bazaar and the day was really slow. Little kitty got us busy. Keeping her in the box was one difficult task, such a small little thing can be so determined at times. We were so amazed by her sense of curiosity. She struggled to climb those high walls of paper box, she managed to get out, but got herself placed back into where she came from.

Soon enough, she got tired and slept amongst the tissues we showered her,trying to give her the comfort she deserved all we could. That very moment, we named her Tishu. Our one and only Little Tishu.

The bazaar ended and we couldnt leave her there. We asked the hawkers if they will take in Tishu but they didnt want to. We had to bring her all the way back to OUG and we were more than happy. I have always wanted a cat, but she came at a very wrong time. Still I told myself that I'll make sure this cat stays alive, I'll care for it and give her my love. She was cleaned at my house, brought to baby's to be fed. Unfortunately she only had Tum Tum's cage to stay in. Abit small but enough for her to move around and sleep.

She wasn't allowed to be kept at baby's house, so we decided to ask a nearby vet if they would take her in. They wouldn't. They even asked us not to send her to SPCA due to the fact that they do put them to sleep if they don't have a place for animals. A very slim chance that Little Tishu will survive. This is what many people are unaware of. Animals do get killed even though they are brought to the animal shelter. It is rather sad to here that the main point a shelter can offer is a home to these animals, instead they kill them because they cant have all of them.

We brought Tishu back to my home, and we were so lucky that my mom accepted her, when we mentioned that Tishu's stay is just temporary. What she didn't know is that, I meant to keep her till Baby and I got ourselves a house, so that Tishu can have all the place she wants in the world. I hope she will be understanding enough to have Tishu stay for another 2 years until we have a house, haven't told her so, but sooner or later, I sense a WAR is going to happen like it did previously when I had Bummie. I love her, I love seeing Tishu grow up. Everyday is a beautiful day to come back to, seeing her just brightens up my day. She is my little baby =)

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