Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you ready for the next Galaxy?

I've been hearing so much about the much anticipated arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 lately. They had a group of ochestra performing around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur for the pre-teaser of the next Galaxy and I managed to catch one of them at Pavilion last weekend. They were stationed near the fountain, right in front of the main entrance and I've got to admit, they were really good. Even though the crowd that day seemed very much in a hurry, the orchestra managed to catch the attention of a throng of audience who were buzzing by. Everyone cheered when the performances ended and truthfully, it made me even more excited that the unveil of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be soon. Very very soon, guys!

As it was a crazy hot day, I took shade with the hubs at Espressemente. Tried their Viennese Cappucino and it was just.... words can't describe how awesome it is... though it came in a very very small cup at RM11. I have a problem with coffee that comes in small cups actually. However, they are always good. So, no complaints there, really.

Took a little trip up to Typo. Love their stuff, some are super creative! Gotten our initials for the wedding at RM30/3pcs, which is pretty reasonable I would say. Then, only to find out that the maid of honor bought those for us for Christmas but she didn't manage to finish decorating them, we have 2 initials. LOL.

So, that was my Saturday. Not very exciting except that my battery died halfway and I was trying to find a place where I can charge it but ended up leaving Pavilion so that I could charge my phone in the car. Yah.

Anyway guys, if you would like to know more about Samsung's new Galaxy S4, all the information can be found here at this link :

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