Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY-ed Projects : Lace Candle Jars

photo 2

I love how these lace candle jars turned out. They are exactly like what I've imagined. I am going with a lace themed wedding of neutrals and mostly beige. My maid of honor and bridesmaids will be in lace as well, I will be in lace, the table setting in the ballroom will be in ivory lace and I pretty much want these jars to be in lace too!

Again, I have to thank Pinterest for giving me this idea of making these jars possible. The mason jars are pretty hard to find, and so far I've only managed to come across one supplier nearby. Not really sure if there's more around but most likely there are. I don't know. Once I found this one, I didn't bother to look anymore.

During CNY, the hubs and I went to get around 120 bottles. 60 short ones and 60 tall ones. It would be nice to have a mixture of tall and short as a table center piece. As for the extras, I thought of decorating them on the reception table.

Then there's that place, Sin Wah at PJ Old Town. I mentioned earlier that they have crazy loads of stuff and I'm really not exaggerating. Here's an idea of a single lace ribbon sample column. They have another 3, so yea. However, I only managed to find the one that I really like and thankfully, it was priced at RM1.80/m as I needed 30m for all of my jars. I was quite pleased that I only had to spend a total of RM48 for the lace wrap. That was when the boss gave me a RM0.20 discount each meter for buying so much.

photo 4
photo 5
I really liked this one but it was RM20/m, so I had to give it up

To have everything you need to make a lace candle jar, you need a jar (duh!), lace wrap, glue gun (RM13), glue stick and a whole lot of band aid. Burnt my hand twice so far and I still have 36 more to go!

photo 3

So there ya go! A simple DIY Lace Candle Jar for my wedding table centerpiece. Great for those who are on a budget, and they look stunning! Can't wait to see them all lit up on that day! 2 more months now :D

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