Friday, January 28, 2011

Recap of 2010!

Ok, I know this is a bit late but what the heck, I am free now so might as well. I am not sure if there are any recap worth recaping but I am just gonna post some pictures which I've found in my 2010 photo albums!

1st day of 2010 spent with Unc Rob & Michelle at Janda Baik. A friend's house and what an amazing house it is! Absolutely gorgeous, overlooking the hill top towards Genting. Lovely!

Chris' 24th "Pajama" Birthday Party at Pearl International Hotel. It was memorable.

Aunt Luciene's 60th Pizza Making Birthday Do at her house.

Chuen & Khirun's 24th Pizza Hut makan. (I would say this year's was much better than just Pizza Hut!)

Went to Pangkor after more than 10 years, and had a boring time.

For the first time in my life, Valentine's day was on the 1st day of CNY! We managed to celebrate at Sentido Tapas. Pavillion was decorated real nice with all these oriental lanterns. I love!

Kino's 23rd Unofficial Birthday @ MOS and he didn't even know that we were celebrating his birthday until he had the Flaming. =_="

Lang Tengah was a well deserved holiday for both me and the fiance. Had too much nature there. Everything was alive and crawling. LOL. I saw sharks swimming at the shore!

Wynton's 24th Birthday at Finnegan's, Changkat. He went down! and he had to get up the next morning to meet clients. Salute!

Chuck Wye's 24th "Guitar Hero" Birthday at his house. Metallica all the way!

Astrid's 24th Birthday bash at ... OMG I forgot the name of the club. It's at Bangsar, somewhere. LOL.

Andy Moor at MOS. The one that I actually missed because I was there for a friend when she was emo-ing! and now I totally regretted missing it! Dang! (nvm, Dash Berlin was awesome too!)

Shane's 24th Birthday at KL Hilton. Somebody was gone! oh, and guiness world of record, nobody went missing nor went hiding at the back stairway exit.

7th Year Anniversary at Prime, Le Meridien. The steak was oh-so-GOOD!

Baby's 24th "Surprise" Birthday gathering at Vintry, Damansara Heights! I was so happy that he had no clue as to what was happening when everyone screamed surprise when he pulled open the curtain to the upper floor of Vintry! Thanks, guys!

I went to Langkawi with a bunch of monkeys!

Had my first Tequila shot thanks to Bunny..

Got my first iphone 3Gs and am still using it till now. My little pink baby! Hearts :)

Merdeka Eve at MOS was quite a bore. But I had fun camwhoring no doubt!

My first photo, smiling with teeth! Baby said I looked evil..hmph!

First ever event that I went to as a blogger! Vaseline Party at Luna Bar. I was given a card named Bella Swann and I had to be Bella Swann who isn't the real Bella Swan because they spelt it wrongly. I saw a guy walked by with a card named Edward Cullen but I was then confused when another guy walked by with Jacob Black. I stuck to my Douglas Robin Tan because I was no Bella Swann!

My 24th Birthday at Jogoya. He knew I love buffets and he took me to the most awesome buffet ever! We had a feast for more than 2 hours straight! (and I wore my bodycon skirt which felt like it was gonna explode after I was done!)

My 24th Birthday at Twenty One Bangsar, couldnt remember half of it. I knew I had fun though!

Left Proof..(I really miss working there)

JPM Hill Climb at Berjaya Hills was an experience! Tonz of handsome drool worthy cars to look at!

Finally went to SSM to register my business name and I am therefore the very proud owner of All For Fun Fashion! (after having my business for 3years). Started doing Clothes For Fun & Shoes For Fun full time!

The four of us went to Genting and it was a nice day trip for a change! The air was so cold, made the whole trip so awesome :) (losers!!)

Christmas Eve & Christmas was spent with the family as usual. We had a feast of home cooked food, wine & liquor, good company, lots of laughter.

My cousin and his fiance were registered! The cousin I've grown up with is now officially married :D

New Year's Eve at Kevin's crib. It was really fun. The first round of card game back fired on me so I sat out for the rest of the night enjoying my cup of whisky coke :)

And 2010 was the year I first wore falsies and found a way to curl my hair in 15mins! No longer the whole torture of having to sit for 45mins curling my hair! Woots ~

That summed up my entire 2010!
Oh and I learned how to make photos into Vintage Blue, Red & Green! Aren't they awesome?!

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