Monday, September 5, 2011

Where do I begin?

I know, I've not logged into my blog for ages and I am not proud of that because I did tell myself to blog more often, it is something I like to do.

Since today is the first Monday of September, I thought it would be nice to just give you guys a blast of what I've been up to lately.

Recently celebrated Charmane's birthday at Tom Dick & Harry's @ The Scott Garden. I've been there a few times since they launched and I've got to say that there is no place like theirs around Old Klang Road and I can see why people love hanging out there. The place is really nice, warm and the people are friendly.


2 weeks ago, a furry little creature came into my life.

I've been wanting to have my own cat for the longest time. I was all prepared, getting our house ready for a cat. At that time, I've not chosen any but more so packing up the store room so that it is neater, so that IF we got a cat, that can be the cat room.

When I used to have Tishu, my rescued kitten from a bazaar, I bought most of my kitten supplies from this pet store in Desa Sri Hartamas. So after I got the store room ready, I went over to check if they have any cats for sale as I recalled spotting a number of long hair cats being up for sale years ago. Angie, the owner of the pet store greeted me with warmth, told her I was wondering if they have any kitten for sale and she said she doesn't sell anymore because her cats are quite old now and has stopped them breeding. BUT she has one last cat from her cats offspring, Beauty, a 8month old cat which was kept way at the back of her store.

Angie told me, no one got her. All her brothers and sisters were taken since they were kittens but Beauty stayed on and she has been living in the cage for 8 months already. When I first saw Beauty, I knew it was her that I wanted. She was so sweet looking, exceptionally manja and was really gentle with me but she was priced at RM600. I promised Angie that I will consider Beauty, and kept looking around. Couldn't stop thinking bout her though, and one day I brought baby to have a look at Beauty. I told him that if ever Beauty was mine, I'll name her Manja because she is the most manja cat I've ever come across.

One fine day, as I opened the gate for baby, he brought out an orange black pet carrier with a little furry cat inside. Curious eyes looking at me and my heart melted. It was Beauty, my little furry angel. So, from then on, Manja has been in my life and although it has been 2 weeks now, it seemed like she has been with me since forever. Love her to bits, she is the sweetest thing in my life. :)


During the long Raya/Merdeka break, baby & I with Chris took a drive up to Genting for a little getaway. We had lunch at The Bakery, a recommended cafe to dine in when you are there.


Their smoked duck croissant at RM17.50 (if I am not mistaken) is absolutely delicious albeit the price but you can't avoid getting slaughtered for anything up there. So might as well, be prepared to bring RM100-RM200 to spare.


Drank coffee while waiting for Ade to make it up on her way back from Kuantan. Walked around for a bit and saw that the theme park was opened at night during that period for only RM20 from 7pm to 10pm.


Decided to check it out and was expecting for most of the rides to be closed but the park was operating as per normal. We rounded the place and ended up trying the ferris wheel because we couldn't find anything decent to hop onto without lining up. No idea how baby made me agree to the Corkscrew because somehow, he did and I went and almost peed in my leggings!

sat this during my 19th birthday and came down crying..thanks to my bunch of friends for making me sit that!

Then one fine Sunday, baby made me pancakes for lunch :D

I am loved :D

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