Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nature!! Its all around me!!

What you must know about Lang Tengah is that, the place is filled with nature! When I say nature, think jungle creepy crawlees and everything you see double or triple the size you see here in town. and prolly a bit weirder.

So starting from day 1 when we got to the jetty and look what we spotted at a public toilet booth. This little brown toad actually kepit itself in between the corners of a toilet booth wall. Don't be fooled by this photo because it may look like it was at eye level but no, this little devil toad was actually stuck quite high up like way above our heads and we wondered, how the hell it got up there!

Lang Tengah-3

So next, we ate lunch at the jetty's only malay pondok restaurant. Erm, I'm not sure what to call it because all the lady served was maggie mee and Nasi Lemak. Seeing that there were flies around the nasi lemak, we opted for maggie and we waited about 30-45 mins for the food to be ready. So, nothing good was expected out of it because, well, the lady didn't seem like she's got potential to make good food but it came out tasting like the best maggie we've tasted, ever!

Anyway, its not about her maggie but this huge red fire ant we saw! Freaky!

Lang Tengah-2

We reached the resort and while baby was doing all the room checking in thingie, I walked around and looked out towards the magnificent ocean and guess what I saw when I looked up. A squirrel! Not only that, it was staring so intently at me! Don't know whether to continue its journey because I seemed to be a threat to it, it stayed there and from the looks of its face, stared cock at me! How dare the fella~!!

Lang Tengah-4

After that, we thought it was finally over with all those weirdo creatures. We had to cross a good 100metres jungle trail through the trees to the west wing to where our cabana was. So this was what we saw hanging above us among the trees. Looks small here but in real life, about the size of our palm. yeaa...tell me bout it. Not only 1 but like, every where we went, bound to see spiders in the middle of their humongous web!

Lang Tengah-5

So came the night and we found another shocking creature right outside our room. Not 1 but 2 huge for-the-first-time-in-my-life-seen gecko! Yes, a real Gecko!! and its FAT! In this pic we zoomed but in real life, its FAT. LIKE ARSE FAT FAT! eeeks!

Lang Tengah-6

Oh the highlight! We saw Black Tip Baby Sharks like right at the shore! Were swimming around, not sure what they were looking for but there were about 2-3 of them swimming around early in the morning. So cool right!!

Lang Tengah-7

Last but not least..another weirdo creature of Lang Tengah. Not sure what its called because no one has ever spotted it except me. I guess I made a discovery!

Lang Tengah-1

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