Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Cafe @ Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Sick and tired of the food in Old Town?

Hong Kong style cafe's with their weirdly named drinks and Chinese music getting annoying?
Want some food better than Mamak stall food?
Want to grab a cold bottle of cheaper than usual beer?

Well if you stay in Kuchai Lama then you probably know the place we're talking about that could be a solution. If you stay anywhere along Old Klang Road and don't know about this place yet, then here's a suggestion...

Head on to HAPPY CAFE!

With its tagline being "Your happy, happy place" it really does prove to be an ideal chill out cafe serving great food and cheap beer which is in no way adulterated!
Basically you get great food ranging from Chinese to Western, a good variety of Beers, in a nice Al-Fresco environment, all at Coffee Shop prices!

Butter Sauce Chicken Rice RM6.90

Some items from their menu which we consider highlights include their Grilled Lamb Chops, Grilled Dory Fish, Butter Sauce Rice, Mongolia Sauce Rice, and White Sauce Rice just to name a few. All between the prices of RM6.90 to RM14!
*tip: Order any item from their western menu before 9pm and you'll get free mushroom soup!

As mentioned earlier, good food isn't the only thing. Their beverages are awesome as well and their famous for being a place for cheap beer minus the crappy atmosphere of a coffee shop.
(when we say cheap we mean around RM1 or RM2 less than other locations)
Buckets from RM30
Bottles from RM8.10
There's even Kampai available, selling at RM8.70!

Don't expect too much from their service though. However there are 2 exceptionally helpful waiters there!

If you've been there before, do leave a comment and say what you need to say!

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